A Proud Tradition Continues at Cynamic Chemical Company
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Foodservice – Machine Detergents
    Choice All Temperature Machine Detergent
    LTD Low Temperature Detergent
    Liquid Aluma Brite Non Chlorinated Machine Detergent
    sPECKtacular Premium Chlorinated Mechanical  Warewash Detergent
    Ultra Gold Concentrated Machine Warewashing Detergent
    Solid Safe – Solid Metal Safe Machine Detergent

Foodservice – Rinse Aids
    LTR Low Temperature Rinse
    Soft Spot High Temperature Rinse Aid

Foodservice – Sanitizers
    Low Temp Sanitizer – Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    Sanitizer (Clear) – Odorless Disinfectant and Sanitizer 
    Sanitizer (Red) – Odorless Disinfectant and Sanitizer
    Sanitizer RTU – Ready To Use Food Contact Sanitizer
    DSC – Disinfectant – Cleaner – Food Contact and Non-Food Contact Sanitizer – Virucide* – Fungicide

Foodservice – Manual Detergents
    Bar Glass Wash Low Foaming Formula
    Solid Pink Solid Pot & Pan Detergent
    Super Pink Economy Pot & Pan Detergent
    Blu-Fome Heavy Duty Pot and Pan Detergent
    New Day Ultra Concentrated Pot & Pan Detergent
    Pexsyn 596 – Premium Lemon Scent Pot & Pan Detergent
    Pink N Sudsy Powder Manual Detergent

Foodservice – Presoaks / Descalers
    Liquid Silver Flatware Presoak & Detarnisher
    Solid Silver Shine Solid Flatware Presoak with Enzymes
    Plastisoak Powdered Plasticware Presoak
    Solid Silver – Solid Flatware Presoak / Detarnisher
   eLIMEinate - Premium Descaler

Foodservice – Degreasers & Floor Cleaners
    Skinny Foaming Fat and Grease Cleaner
    Kitchen Beast Premium Kitchen Degreaser
    Cyn-visible RTU Cleaner and De-Stainer
    Clean N’ Go Enzyme Based Floor Cleaner
    Traction Quarry Tile Cleaner Degreaser

Foodservice – Oven, Grill & Fryer Cleaner
    Grease Off Griddle & Fryer Cleaner Degreaser
    Hotsy Totsy Clinging Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner
    Pex CarbReady To Use Oven & Grill Cleaner
    Pex Oven & Grill Clinging Heavy Duty Cleaner
    Fry Kleen Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner

Foodservice – Speciality Items
    Syn Lube Conveyor & Tray Lubricant
    Freezer Cleaner Freezer and Locker Cleaner
    High Shine Stainless Steel Polish
    Pipeline Drain and Grease Trap Treatment
    Dumpster Fresh Garbage Malodor Neutralizer